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Pope Addresses Indian Bishops
Catholic News Service (9 September 2011)
CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy (CNS) — Catholic schools and institutions need to be “genuinely Catholic” and pass on the values that support communities and the truth that saves souls, Pope Benedict XVI said.

Update on Iraq
Catholic News Service (4 June 2013)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Five schools in Gaza — two Catholic and three Christian — face closure if the Hamas government follows through on an order forbidding coeducational institutions, said the director general of Latin Patriarchate Schools in Palestine and Israel.

After Monthlong Strike, Christian Schools Open in Israel
Catholic News Service (29 September 2015)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — Christian schools opened in Israel Sept. 28 after an almost monthlong strike demanding equality in budgeting.

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Picture of the Day: Back to School
Roman’s Girls, a Catholic initiative in Addis Ababa, assists about 20 girls with school. (photo: Peter Lemieux)

Picture of the Day: Sharing the Joy of Learning
Lunchtime at the Bethlehem Day Care Center, Addis Ababa. (photo: Sean Sprague)

Picture of the Day: Learning Together
Until eighth grade, an equal number of boys and girls attend the Catholic school in Meki, Ethiopia. (photo: Peter Lemieux)

Picture of the Day: A Cheerful Welcome
Children at the Meganese Catholic School, directed by the Capuchin Fathers, cheerfully greet CNEWA visitors. (photo: John E. Kozar )

Picture of the Day: Learning in Lebanon
In this photo taken in 2008, children engage with their teacher at St. Charles School in eastern Beirut, Lebanon. (photo: Sarah Hunter )

Bethlehem University Honored with International Award
Bethlehem University received The International Federation of Catholic Universities' Sciat vt Serviat Award last month.

Ma'brouk, Bishop Marwan!
Today, a good friend of CNEWA, Maronite Father Marwan Tabet, was named bishop of the eparchy of Saint-Maron de Montreal of the Maronites by Pope Benedict XVI.

Picture of the Day: Egypt's Future
A young student poses for a picture at a Jesuit-run school in Minya, Upper Egypt. (photo: Sean Sprague)

Picture of the Day: Finding Answers in Ethiopia
A young girl completes a class project at Meki Catholic School. (photo: Sean Sprague)

Picture of the Day: Uplifting the Student Body
CNEWA President Msgr. John E. Kozar plays with students at the Atse Tekla Ghiorgis School in Ethiopia. (photo: Thomas Varghese/CNEWA)

Picture of the Day: Food for Thought
A child of the village of Sebeya enjoys an enriched biscuit. (photo: Petterik Wiggers)

Picture of the Day: The Write Stuff
Catholic institutions in Upper Egypt, such as the Jesuit’s school in Minya, are largely responsible for the growth of the Coptic Catholic Church. (photo: Sean Sprague)

Picture of the Day: Side By Side in Bethlehem
In 2004 image, two women — a Muslim and a Catholic sister — take notes during class at Bethlehem University. (photo: Steve Sabella)

Picture of the Day: Dry Wall
In Gangapar, in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a brick house protects the children of Jasvir Singh from floods. (photo: John Mathew)

Picture of the Day: Costumes and Customs
Students perform a folklore dance at the Franciscan School in Abou Kir, Egypt. (photo: Sean Sprague)

Picture of the Day: Sharing a Plate
In this 2005 photo, Manna Gebreyons, a teacher at a school run by the Ethiopian Catholic Eparchy of Adigrat, shares a meal with her mother, left, her brother and another teacher from the school. (photo: Sean Sprague)

Picture of the Day: Key Fundamentals
Students play basketball at San Joe Puram in the Faridabad district of the northern Indian state of Haryana. (photo: John Mathew)

Page One: Headlines for 7/9/15
Stories of interest for the day.

Picture of the Day: An Admirer Looks On
Sister Ayelech prepares food in the kitchen of the Blessed Gebremichael Catholic School in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. (photo: Petterik Wiggers/Panos PIctures)

Picture of the Day: Instruction Constricted
Israeli-Arab fourth-grade students pray in Aramaic during language class. Dozens of Christian schools in Israel may be shutting their doors this year due to restrictions by the Israeli government, Christian educators warn. (photo: CNS/Debbie Hill)

Picture of the Day: A Neat Suite
A student at the Shashemene School for the Blind sets his bed in the morning. (photo: Petterik Wiggers)

Picture of the Day: Crafts and Cheer
Students at Ashabhavan tackle a variety of arts and crafts projects. (photo: Jose Jacob)

Picture of the Day: Inside Ukraine’s Sole Catholic University
Students socialize on the campus of Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. (photo: Petro Zadorozhnyy)

Picture of the Day: A Different Class of Institution
Students at Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv walk through an academic building. (photo: Petro Zadorozhnyy)

90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Sister Ayelech Gebeyehu

If you want to find a real CNEWA hero, consider looking in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, where a woman named Sister Ayelech Gebeyehu oversees nearly 1,000 children at the Blessed Gebremichael Catholic School...

Picture of the Day: Serving Idukki’s Children
Sreya Maria Therese attends Ashabhavan — a school for children with special needs, administered by the Sacred Heart Sisters — in Rajakkad, in the Idukki district of Kerala. (photo: Jose Jacob)

Picture of the Day: Branches of Learning
Students stay cool in the shade in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray. (photo: Petterik Wiggers)

Picture of the Day: Sons, Daughters and Sisters
Sister Eman Fawzy chats with students at the St. Vincent de Paul School in Alexandria. (photo: Roger Anis)

Picture of the Day: In a Class of Their Own
Students take notes during a class at St. Anne’s Secondary School in Boditi, Ethiopia. (photo: Don Duncan)

Picture of the Day: Follow Me
Sister Frehiwot oversees students filing into the school after morning assembly in the school yard at Rosa Gatorno Kindergarten, located about nine miles outside the town of Boditi, Ethiopia. (photo: Don Duncan)

Picture of the Day: Class Participation
Kindergarteners participate eagerly at Rosa Gatorno Kindergarten not far from Boditi, Ethiopia. (photo: Don Duncan)

Page One: Headlines for 6/4/18
Stories of interest for the day.

Picture of the Day: Active Participation
Children attend English class at the Fratelli School in Saida, Lebanon. (photo: Tamara Abdul Hadi)

Picture of the Day: At Home in the Zabbaleen Quarter
Martina Isaac stands in front of her home in the Zabbaleen quarter of Manshiyat Naser, Cairo. (photo: Hanaa Habib)

Picture of the Day: Downtime at Fratelli
Syrian children socialize during a recess period at the Fratelli School in Saida, Lebanon. (photo: Tamara Abdul Hadi)

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“We Are So Grateful to You”
(From CNEWA Connections June 2012)