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Searching for Common Ground
by Sean Sprague
(From Catholic Near East January – February 2001)
Hindu extremists continue to clash with Christians in India, often with grave results. A dialogue program hopes to effect a change.

Sacred Cows
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern
(From Catholic Near East September – October 2000)
Ideas to which we cling may be sacred cows – obstacles on the path to God.

Hinduism and Indian Culture
by Malcolm Nazareth
(From Catholic Near East January – February 1996)
Indian culture and Hinduism go hand in hand. In today’s India, however, more faiths are joining the circle.

Celebrating Mahamastakabhisheka
text and photos by Cheryl Sheridan
(From Catholic Near East September – October 1994)
Our correspondent in India takes us to the greatest festival of the Jain, a religion dating back to the sixth century B.C.

The Ganges: India’s River of Life and Death
text and photos by Joan Clifford
(From Catholic Near East January 1993)
For more than two centuries, the Ganges River has drawn pilgrims from all over the globe.

Varanasi: Hinduism’s Sacred City
by Jeannette Isaac
photos by John Isaac
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Winter 1983)
For Hindus, a pilgrimage to the holy city of Varanasi is a lifetime goal.

Hinduism: An Identity for India’s Diverse Cultures
by John Sirabella
photos by Richard Walker
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Fall 1982)
For almost 5,000 years, Hinduism has existed not only as a religion but also as the framework for Indian culture.

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The Vatican Marks a Hindu Holiday
Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, writes an open letter to the Hindu community promoting religious freedom and cooperation.

Picture of the Day: Francis Among the Hindus
Pope Francis shakes hands with Hindu Kurukkal SivaSri T. Mahadeva during a meeting with religious leaders at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 13 January. (photo: CNS/Paul Haring)

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