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Opening Windows to the Divine
by Marlene Weisenbeck, F.S.P.A.
(From Catholic Near East January – February 1999)
Eastern Catholic religious sisters discover the power of the icon.

Hungary’s Weeping Icon of Máriapócs
by Erica Papp Faber
(From Catholic Near East November – December 1997)
For centuries, a weeping icon in a small town in Hungary has astounded – and healed – pilgrims and skeptics alike.

Three Continents, Three Women, One Calling
by Michael J.L. La Civita
(From Catholic Near East July – August 1996)
Three women iconographers from Ethiopia, Jerusalem and Boston discuss their philosophy and work in resurrecting sacred art.

The Webwide Journeys of St. George
text by Paul Douglas Stamm
photographs by Juan Carlos Medina
(From Catholic Near East September – October 1996)
An icon of a dragon slayer revitalizes a community of Lebanese immigrants in Wisconsin.

The Wooden Churches of Eastern Slovakia
text and photos by Jacqueline Ruyak
(From Catholic Near East March – April 1994)
A journalist who frequents eastern Slovakia takes us on a tour of the region’s historic wooden churches.

The Treasures of Cyprus
text and photos by Karen Lagerquist
(From Catholic Near East January – February 1994)
A visitor to Cyprus uncovers a wealth of Byzantine treasure.

A Mother of Consolation
by the Rev. Romanos V. Russo
(From Catholic Near East September – October 1994)
We all need a friend in times of sorrow. Father Romanos offers us a Marian prayer of consolation.

Byzantium’s Last Outpost
text by Bruno Pavan
photos by Robert Semeniuk
photos by BlackStar
(From Catholic Near East November – December 1994)
The isolated monastery community of Mount Athos exists much as it did more than a thousand years ago.

Not Your Typical Sunday in Albuquerque
by Rev. Christopher Zugger
(From Catholic Near East March 1993)
A Byzantine Catholic priest writes about a healing liturgy celebrated in his New Mexican parish.

This Year, Moscow
by Michael J.L. La Civita
(From Catholic Near East November 1993)
A trip to Moscow unearths more questions than answers.

On Holy Ground
text by Jennifer Reidy
photos by Tom Stevens
(From Catholic Near East April 1992)
A pilgrimage to St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai.

Sofia’s Churches: Microcosm of Bulgarian History
by Valerie A. Abrahamsen, Th.D.
(From Catholic Near East July 1992)
Sofia’s churches reflect the history of Christianity in Bulgaria.

Easter: An Orthodox Perspective
by Michael J.L. La Civita
(From Catholic Near East April 1991)
Ruminations on Easter in the Orthodox Church.

Preserving Syrian Icons from the Toll of Time and Loving Touches
text and photos by Anthony B. Toth
(From Catholic Near East Fall 1988)
Time and the caresses of the faithful have taken their toll on these unique works of art.

A Tenacious Christian Spirit
text and photos by Gerald Ring
(From Catholic Near East Fall 1988)
The spectacular landscape of the Macedonian region of Yugoslavia provides a dramatic setting for Christian observances.

A Romanian Renaissance
text and photographs by Andreea Câmpeanu
(From ONE January 2012)
One nun writes a new chapter in the history of iconography

Fulfilling a Tradition
by Jerry Patterson
photos by Jeff Graves
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Summer 1985)
St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Chicago undergoes a face-lift.

Meteora: Between Heaven and Earth
text and photos by Margot Granitsas
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Summer 1985)
A visit to a mountaintop monastery in Greece uncovers a haven of holy beauty.

Old Testament Trinity
by Brother Christian Leisy
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Spring 1984)
The origin and significance of an icon from the 15th century remains a mystery.

A House of Prayer
by Rev. James E. King, Ph.D.
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Fall 1981)
Icons, crosses, incense and other sacramentals imbue Byzantine Christian homes with the sense of God’s presence.

The Son Rises in the East
by Rev. Romanos V. Russo
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Spring 1981)
Reflections on the cover art the Icon of the Anastasis.

New Reality, Same Artistry
text and photographs by Sean Sprague
(From CNEWA WORLD March – April 2004)
Artists from a famed Russian village revive their spiritual heritage

Ancient Roots Modern Church: The Orthodox Copts
by Elena Serocki
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Fall 1979)
The Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt strives to renew its bonds of faith with the churches of the East and West.

Hungarians Gather to Honor Mary
by Jacqueline Ruyak
(From ONE magazine May 2005)
A rustic icon draws tens of thousands of pilgrims

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In Bethlehem, a Street Festival With a Touch of Faith, Justice, Culture
Catholic News Service (24 June 2014)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — Sitting outside their childhood home on Star Street, three sisters and their cousin chatted as they watched a small parade of children dance past, following a variety of clowns and jugglers and two giant dancing puppets.

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All Saints: How the Orthodox Honor Holiness
A look at how the Eastern churches observe "All Saints Day".

A Sister Shares "Sacred Images of the Unseen”
ONE contributor Andreea Câmpeanu shares details of her meeting with Sister Eliseea Papacioc.

Picture of the Day: Mary's Month
In this photo taken in 2008, people attending a retreat in Purakkad, Kerala pray at shrine devoted to Mary. (photo: Peter Lemieux)

Picture of the Day: Where Mary is Revered
Pictures of the Virgin Mary are ubiquitous in the village of Hodasz, Hungary. Above, an image of Mary adorns the wall of a home. (photo:Balazs Gardi/VII Network)

Picture of the Day: Greeting the "Mother of Eternal Light"
L'Osservatore Romano discusses the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary.

Picture of the Day: Divine Inspiration
Iconographer Eliseea Papacioc works on an icon in her studio in the village of Bradetu, Romania. (photo: Andreea Câmpeanu)

Praying With Paint
An old friend dropped by the office today: Sister Eliseea Papacioc, a Romanian Orthodox nun and world-renowned iconographer.

Picture of the Day: Mary in Slovakia
An icon of the Virgin and Child hangs inside St. Michael the Archangel in Ladomirová. (photo: Andrej Bán)

Page One: Headlines for 7/31/13
Stories of interest for the day.

Picture of the Day: Prayers in Paint
The Summer issue of ONE takes us back to school, to learn about the art and spirituality behind creating icons.

Picture of the Day: Brush with Holiness
Icongrapher Ian Knowles works on a new icon for the shrine of Our Lady of the Mountain in Anjara, depicting scenes from the life of Christ. (photo: Nicholas Seeley)

Picture of the Day: Russian Renaissance
Alexander and Margarita Mamin prefer to work on icons with their religious themes rather than papier-mâché boxes and plates with secular motifs, which the Soviets had insisted upon. (photo: Sean Sprague)

Picture of the Day: Writing on the Wall
n icon by Ian Knowles, written directly on concrete, adorns one of the segments of the Israeli separation wall near the Rachel’s Tomb checkpoint in Bethlehem. (photo: Tanya Habjouqa)

Picture of the Day:
Iraqi Iconographer Honors His Syriac Roots

A refugee creates icons

Picture of the Day: Russia Rediscovers Religious Art
Creating sacred icons after the Soviets