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Toward a Golden Age of the Eastern Churches
text by Athanasius Holub
photographs by Andrei Komar
(From Catholic Near East November – December 1998)
Combining theology and contemplation at Ottawa’s Sheptytsky Institute.

Holding on Through the Generations
by Michael Swan
(From ONE magazine November 2005)
The perseverance of Ukrainian-Canadians

Montréal à la Libanaise
text by David Sheehan
photographs by Cody Christopulos
(From ONE magazine September 2004)
Lebanese immigrants make proud Canadians

Straddling Two Worlds: Canada's Ukrainians
by Jars Balan
(From Catholic Near East January – February 2001)
Though they look to their Old World past, Canada’s Ukrainians are firmly planted in the New World.

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Melkite Archbishop Visits Canada
Catholic News Service (26 October 2011)
OTTAWA, Ontario (CNS) — Years ago, Melkite Archbishop Elias Chacour flew to Washington, D.C., to make an unannounced visit to the home of then-Secretary of State James Baker.

Iraqi Christians Celebrate Christmas in Canada
Catholic News Service (16 December 2011)
EDMONTON, Alberta (CNS) — Iraqi Ziyad Matti and his wife, Dalia Hikmat, have not had a proper Christmas in years.

Canada to Host Ukrainian Catholic Synod
Catholic News Service (26 January 2012)
OTTAWA, Ontario (CNS) — When 35-year-old Ukrainian Catholic Bishop Nykyta Budka arrived in Canada in 1912, Ukrainian Catholic parishes, missionaries and monasteries were scattered across Canada, particularly on the prairies.

Metropolitan for Ukrainian Catholics in Canada Dies
Catholic News Service (12 April 2012)
WINNIPEG, Manitoba (CNS) — Archbishop Michael Bzdel, who served as metropolitan for Ukrainian Catholics in Canada for nearly 13 years, died April 3 at his home in Winnipeg. He was 81.

Across the Divide
Catholic News Service (18 July 2012)
NEW YORK (CNS) — Few conflicts in the modern era have proved as intractable as that pitting Israelis against Palestinians. One institution caught up in this clash has been the Holy Land’s Bethlehem University, a Catholic establishment open to students of all faiths.

Ukrainian Catholic Leader Visits Canada
Catholic News Service (4 September 2012)
WINNIPEG, Manitoba (CNS) — The major archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church sent greetings to Canada’s Ukrainian Catholics as he prepared for a multicity visit that includes leading the church’s Synod of Bishops.

Ukrainian Catholic Bishops in Canada
Catholic News Service (11 September 2012)
WINNIPEG, Manitoba (CNS) — Ukrainian Catholic bishops from around the world gathered in Canada to discuss how to make their parishes more vibrant — especially through the involvement of laypeople.

Ukrainian or English?
Catholic News Service (12 September 2012)
WINNIPEG, Manitoba (CNS) — Many Ukrainian Catholic leaders serving the faithful outside the homeland face a dilemma: Do they serve the needs of the new immigrants and elderly by using Ukrainian in liturgies, or do they minister in English to keep younger people coming to church?

North America’s Churches: Example for Ukraine
Catholic News Service (12 September 2012)
PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Manitoba (CNS) — Catholic and Orthodox churches in Canada and the United States can be an example for their counterparts in Ukraine, Canada’s top Ukrainian Orthodox leader told the Ukrainian Catholic Synod of Bishops.

Ukrainian Bishops Close Synod in Canada
Catholic News Service (18 September 2012)
WINNIPEG, Manitoba (CNS) — Ukrainian Catholic bishops from four continents gathered for a final celebration Sept. 16 as they closed their weeklong Synod of Bishops.

Ukrainian Catholic Leader Addresses Canada’s Bishops
Catholic News Service (27 September 2012)
SAINTE-ADELE, Quebec (CNS) — Western secularism underlies the worldwide economic crisis and challenges the future of Ukraine, the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church told Canada’s bishops.

Pope Names Head of Canada’s Maronite Catholics
Catholic News Service (10 January 2013)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Benedict XVI named the priest in charge of coordinating his papal visit to Lebanon to head the Maronite Catholic community in Canada.

World Offers Words of Hope, Joy to Pope Francis
Catholic News Service (14 March 2013)
WASHINGTON (CNS) — Catholic leaders worldwide expressed words of hope and joy in calling upon Catholics to come together as one body behind the papacy of Pope Francis.

Pope Extends U.S. Romanian Diocese to Canada
Catholic News Service (24 April 2013)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The Romanian Catholic bishop of St. George, based in Canton, Ohio, no longer ministers just to Romanian Catholics in the United States, he also has formal responsibility for all Romanian Catholics of the Byzantine rite across Canada.

Bishops Appointed for Chaldean Church in Sydney, Toronto, Baghdad
Catholic News Service (15 January 2015)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis named new bishops for Chaldean Catholics in Sydney and Toronto and confirmed the election of a Chaldean priest, who is currently ministering in Detroit, Michigan, to be a new auxiliary bishop in Baghdad.

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Archbishop Elias Chacour in Ottawa
Carl Hétu discusses the planning and execution of a symposium for which Archbishop Elias Chacour will be a guest.

This morning, on the Feast of the Epiphany, Pope Benedict XVI named 22 new cardinals — including four with close ties to CNEWA.

Farewell to a Friend of CNEWA
Archbishop Michael Bzdel, retired metropolitan archeparch of Winnepeg and co-founder of CNEWA Canada, died 3 April 2012.

"Across the Divide"
Next month, CNEWA Canada will co-sponsor the premiere of a new documentary on the troubles facing the Holy Land, as seen through the people at Bethlehem University.

'Across' Across Canada
Melodie Gabriel, of CNEWA Canada, shares news of a touring panel discussing a documentary about Bethlehem University.

Take Five: 5 Facts about CNEWA Canada
Some interesting facts about our office and family in Canada.

Ukrainian Greek Catholics Welcome a New Bishop
Bishop Boris Gudziak was ordained yesterday at St. George's Cathedral in Lviv, Ukraine.

Page One: Headlines for 9/4/12
Stories of interest for the day.

Take Five: 5 Reasons the Ukrainians Were in Canada
Last Sunday marked the conclusion of the Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Winnipeg.

"Western Society Finds Its Moral GPS Has No Fixed Points"
Yesterday, the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church spoke to Canada's bishops, and had some harsh words about the threat from secularism in the West.

Page One: Headlines for 9/27/12
Stories of interest for the day.

"It's Worth It to Seek Some Kind of Unity"
CNEWA's Msgr. John Kozar was in Canada last week for the meeting the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Page One: Headlines for 10/16/12
Stories of interest for the day.

Take Five: 5 CNEWA Cardinals
Pope Benedict XVI will create six new cardinals next month — including two with ties to CNEWA.

Page One: Headlines for 11/15/12
Stories of interest for the day.

Ma'brouk, Bishop Marwan!
Today, a good friend of CNEWA, Maronite Father Marwan Tabet, was named bishop of the eparchy of Saint-Maron de Montreal of the Maronites by Pope Benedict XVI.

Theophany in Ottawa
Eastern Christians who follow the Julian calendar celebrated the feast of Theophany, commemorating the baptism of Jesus.

Welcome to Canada!
Six members of the Makhoo family -- Iraqi refugees sponsored by Toronto's Cardinal Thomas Collins -- finally arrived in Canada on 23 May.

Picture of the Day: Lebanon Comes to Canada
A Lebanese family dances at an engagement party. (photo: Cody Christopulos)

Encountering Holy Land Christians:
“We Were All Drawn to Helping Women and Their Children”

Brad H. Kerr sits down for a discussion with a few members of the Catholic Women's League of Canada.

Picture of the Day:
In Kiev, “We Pray to God Almighty for Peace”

Bishop Borys Gudziak address protestors in Kiev and expresses solidarity with them. (photo: Bishop Ken Nowakowski)

Page One: Headlines for 1/29/14
Stories of interest for the day.

In the Footsteps of Francis in the Holy Land
Melodie Gabriel of CNEWA Canada discusses their upcoming journey to the Holy Land with the Catholic Women’s League of Canada.

A Home at the House of Grace
Melodie Gabriel shares a story from CNEWA Canada’s recent visit to the Holy Land with members of the Catholic Women’s League.

Cardinal Collins Appeals for Help for Iraqi Christians
The Archbishop of Toronto, Cardinal Thomas Collins, Vice Chair of the CNEWA Board of Directors in Canada, has asked Canadians to provide concrete help to Iraq’s Christians, who have been targeted by militants of the Islamic State.

Canada's Office for Religious Freedom Awards Grants for CNEWA in Ukraine
Canada’s Office for Religious Freedom has announced funds in the amount of $226,630 for CNEWA Canada’s projects in Ukraine.

A Vatican Decree on the Eastern Churches, 50 Years Later
Recently, CNEWA Canada's Antin Sloboda and I attended a conference at the Unviersity of Toronto which examined one of the documents of Vatican II.

Page One: Headlines for 1/8/15
Stories of interest for the day.

Page One: Headlines for 10/3/16
Stories of interest for the day.

Picture of the Day:
Refugees in Lebanon Meet a Visitor From Canada

Archbishop J. Michael Miller of Vancouver, British Columbia, meets with Iraqi Christian refugees on 14 April in Beirut. (photo: Carl Hetu/CNEWA)

From Canada, a Generous Gift for 'Healing, Near and Far'
A big donation from a Canadian fundraiser

Helping Women and Families in the Holy Land
A generous gift in Canada