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Syriac Church in Baghdad Commemorates 2010 Massacre
Catholic News Service (4 November 2011)
BAGHDAD (CNS) — In a somber Mass commemorating the 2010 massacre at the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance, Catholic leaders urged their faithful to have hope for the resurrection of Iraq.

Churches’ Official: ‘Everyone in Gaza Considers Themselves a Target’
Catholic News Service (15 July 2014)
JERUSALEM (CNS) — The situation in hospitals in the Gaza Strip is dire, and Palestinians are saying that medical supplies will soon run out, said a cardiologist who serves with the Near East Council of Churches in Gaza.

Islamic Militants Announce Plan to Transform Mosul Church Into Mosque
Catholic News Service (8 June 2015)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — One of the largest churches in Mosul, Iraq, will be transformed into a mosque.

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Picture of the Day: Merry Christmas!
A boy stands before a tetrapod or icon stand decorated with a traditional Ukrainian embroidered cloth. (photo:Ihor Tabin'sky)

Picture of the Day: Quenching the Thirst for Life in Lebanon
Hana Habshi sits in the unfinished St. Charbel's Maronite Catholic Church in the village of Deir El Ahmar, Lebanon. (photo: Laura Boushnak)

In the Middle East, Seeking "Dialogue With the Digital Culture"
The church continues to seek ways to reach hearts and minds across the boundaries of conflict and into the uncharted frontier of the new technological age.

Picture of the Day: The Faithful Will Assemble
Parishioners pray during the Divine Liturgy at St. Anthony of Padua Cathedral of the Ge'ez Rite, in Emdibir, Ethiopia. (photo: John E. Kozar)

Picture of the Day: The Syriac Orthodox Church
Archbishop Swerios Malki Murad of the Syriac Orthodox Church in the Holy Land. (photo: John E. Kozar)

A New Home, "God Willing"
Journalist Aaron Nelsen discusses the similarities and differences between the native and adoptive cultures of Palestinian-Chileans.

Picture of the Day: Redeemer Redone
The exterior of the restored Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer is as impressive as the original. (photo: courtesy of the cathedral's official site)

Pentarchy, after the Greek for "five leaders," refers to the five patriarchates in the early church.

Picture of the Day: Waiting for the Conclave
The stovepipe that carries the smoke from burning conclave ballots and documents is seen in the Sistine Chapel after it was made ready for the 2005 conclave. (photo: CNS)

From Russia, a Flying Church and Parachuting Priests
The Russian military unveiled an unlikely new weapon in its arsenal this month -- an army of parachuting priests.

Picture of the Day: Camel Lot
Camels rest beside the road to Petra. (photo: Christian Molidor, R.S.M.)

Picture of the Day:
“The Church Needs the Ability to Heal Wounds”

In this image from July, Pope Francis embraces a patient at St. Francis of Assisi Hospital in Rio de Janeiro. (photo:CNS/L’Osservatore Romano)

Journey Through the South Caucasus:
Conquering Death in Armenia

CNEWA Chief Communications Officer Michael La Civita shares details from his ongoing trip to Lebanon, Armenia and Georgia.

Picture of the Day: A Church Is Reborn in Bethlehem
Italian Marcello Piacenti, project manager on the renovation of the roof of the Church of the Nativity, points to a mosaic from 1100, the Crusader period, in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. (photo: CNS/Debbie Hill)

Picture of the Day: Sew Far, Sew Good
A Gaza City woman works a sewing machine in a dressmaking class hosted by the the Near East Council of Churches. (photo: Eman Mohammed)

A Priest in Ukraine:
Hearing Confessions of Those About to Die

Catholic priests and sisters have shown extraordinary courage throughout the ongoingcrisis in Ukraine.

Picture of the Day: Wood Beams
In this image from 2008, early morning sunshine fills St. Basil the Great Church in Krajné Cierno in Slovakia. The region is noted for its historic wooden churches. (photo: Andrej Bán)

Picture of the Day: Guidance in Galilee
Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop Georges Bacouni speaks with staff at a local Catholic school outside the St. Elias Cathedral in Haifa, Israel. (photo: Corinna Kern)

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