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Syriac Church in Baghdad Commemorates 2010 Massacre
Catholic News Service (4 November 2011)
BAGHDAD (CNS) — In a somber Mass commemorating the 2010 massacre at the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance, Catholic leaders urged their faithful to have hope for the resurrection of Iraq.

Syriac Patriarch Says Middle East Christians Feel Abandoned by West
Catholic News Service (19 June 2014)
BEIRUT (CNS) — Syriac Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III said Christians in the Middle East feel “abandoned, even betrayed” by the West as a militant Islamic force occupied large areas of Syria and Iraq.

Syrian Christian Leader Warns of Impending Islamic State Assault
Catholic News Service (25 July 2014)
NICOSIA, Cyprus (CNS) — A prominent Syrian Christian political leader has warned of an impending assault on the northeastern province of Hassake amid reports that thousands of Islamist fighters are preparing to take control of the predominantly Christian and Kurdish area.

Patriarch Decries ‘Mass Cleansing’ of Mosul by ‘a Bed of Criminals’
Catholic News Service (25 July 2014)
WASHINGTON (CNS) — Syriac Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III, in Washington to meet with federal government representatives and members of Congress, decried the “mass cleansing” of Christians from Mosul, Iraq, by what he called “a bed of criminals.”

Syriac Patriarch Calls Islamic State Actions ‘Attempted Genocide’
Catholic News Service (27 August 2014)
BEIRUT (CNS) — Returning from a visit to the Kurdish region of Iraq, Syriac Catholic Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III called the Islamic State invasion “pure and simple religious cleansing and attempted genocide.”

At Easter, Middle Eastern Patriarchs Encourage Hope Despite Turmoil
Catholic News Service (6 April 2015)
BEIRUT (CNS) — Catholic patriarchs of the Middle East in their Easter messages urged the faithful to cling to the hope of the risen Christ amid raging wars, human suffering and the uprooting of Christians from their homelands in the region.

Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon Find Hope in Infant Baptisms at Easter Vigil
Catholic News Service (6 April 2015)
BEIRUT (CNS) — Despite the extreme hardship of being exiled from their homes in Iraq, the Easter vigil was a day of great joy for the parents of eight babies who were baptized in Lebanon.

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