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Catholics Must Accept Vatican II on Judaism
Catholic News Service (18 May 2012)
ROME (CNS) — The Catholic Church’s relationship to Judaism as taught by the Second Vatican Council and the interpretations and developments of that teaching by subsequent popes, “are binding on a Catholic,” said the Vatican official responsible for relations with the Jews.

Church Teachings on Judaism
Catholic News Service (5 November 2012)
As the Catholic Church marks the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, many are now revisiting and studying its proceedings over the years 1962-1965. The council and its 16 resulting documents addressed relations between the Catholic Church and the world.

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Picture of the Day: The Pope as Pilgrim of Peace
In October of 2011, Pope Benedict made a pilgrimage to Assisi to meet with other religious leaders and mark the 25th anniversary of the first interfaith gathering for peace.

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In the embedded video, CNEWA's external affairs officer, Rev. Elias Mallon, S.A., Ph.D., discusses the significance of Easter and Passover, and of their proximity to one another.

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