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Video: Microcosm of the Middle East
Catholic News Service (7 September 2012)
Melkite, Maronite bishops reflect on significance of Pope Benedict XVI’s upcoming trip to Lebanon.

Archbishop in Lebanon Leads Outreach to Syrian Refugees
Catholic News Service (11 October 2013)
LARNACA, Cyprus (CNS) — Melkite Archbishop Issam Darwich of Zahleh and Furzol, Lebanon, knows what it’s like to be a stranger in strange land.

Melkite, Maronite Catholic Synods Address Middle East Violence
Catholic News Service (22 June 2015)
BEIRUT (CNS) — Meeting for their respective annual synods in Lebanon, Maronite Catholic and Melkite Greek Catholic bishops called for an end to wars in the region and for the election of a president in Lebanon.

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Picture of the Day: The Melkite Greek Catholics of Brazil
Did you know that the largest Melkite Greek community in the world is in Brazil?

Picture of the Day: Young Brazil
A girl attends the liturgy at the Melkite Greek Catholic Cathedral in São Paulo, Brazil. (photo: Izan Petterle)

Picture of the Day: Jordan's Next Generation
CNS recently paid a visit to the site where Jesus was baptized and looked at efforts to preserve Christian identity in Jordan.

Picture of the Day: A New Archbishop in Haifa
The new Melkite Greek Catholic archbishop of Akko, Haifa, Nazareth, and all Galilee, George Bakhouny, blesses those gathered for his installation in the Cathedral of Mar Elias in Haifa. (photo: CNEWA)

Page One: Headlines for 8/5/15
Stories of interest for the day.

Picture of the Day: A Joyous Perspective
The Rev. Androwas Bahus, a Melkite Greek Catholic priest working in Galilee, shows the view from the roof of St. Andrew the Apostle Church in Akko, Israel. (photo: Ilene Perlman)

Picture of the Day: Galilee Gaiety
Father Androwas Bahus performs a wedding at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in the city of Shefa-‘Amr, Israel. (photo: Ilene Perlman)

Lebanon Update: Suicide Bombers Target Al Qaa
Lebanon’s northeastern village of Al Qaa, a Lebanese Christian village, was in a state of alert Tuesday as security forces expanded search operations after eight suicide bombers attacked the village yesterday — Monday, 27 June 2016.

Page One: Headlines for 2/10/17
Stories of interest for the day.

Picture of the Day:
Breaking the Fast and Building Bridges in Lebanon

Melkite Catholic Patriarch Joseph Absi (in red) strolls through the ancient Mediterranean coastal city of Sidon in southern Lebanon on 26 May with Melkite Archbishop Elie Haddad of Sidon, left.

Picture of the Day:
Melkite Archbishop Visits CNEWA in Amman

Picture of the Day: Melkite Bishops Meet in Lebanon
Bishops meet in Lebanon

Picture of the Day: ‘I Want to Whisper on his Grave’
A daughter's plea to visit her father's burial site

Picture of the Day:
Nourishing Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Reaching out to help refugees

Page One: Headlines for 6/25/19
Stories of interest for the day

Picture of the Day:
Young Melkites Hear the Message, ‘To You I Say Rise’

A gathering of young people in Lebanon

Picture of the Day: Melkites in Brazil
Visiting the home of the largest group of Melkites in the world