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Ukrainian Catholic Leader Addresses Canada’s Bishops
Catholic News Service (27 September 2012)
SAINTE-ADELE, Quebec (CNS) — Western secularism underlies the worldwide economic crisis and challenges the future of Ukraine, the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church told Canada’s bishops.

Archbishop Lauds Mentor, Pope Francis
Catholic News Service (18 March 2013)
ROME (CNS) — For the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, “authenticity and simplicity” characterize the man who mentored him as a young bishop: the newly elected Pope Francis.

Ukrainian Bishops Urge Prayers, Fasting for Peace
Catholic News Service (16 December 2013)
OXFORD, England (CNS) — Bishops from Ukraine’s minority Latin-rite Catholic Church have called for prayers and fasting in an effort to end the current social unrest in the country.

Ukrainian Catholic Bishops Thank World for Prayers During Transition
Catholic News Service (10 June 2014)
KIEV, Ukraine (CNS) — Ukrainian Catholic bishops thanked people around the world for their prayers over the last six months and asked for continued prayers for peace in their country.

Ukrainian Bishops Tell West Not to Be Accomplices in “Sin of Murder”
Catholic News Service (11 September 2014)
LVIV, Ukraine (CNS) — Ukraine’s Catholic bishops have warned their country is now “flowing in blood,” and urged Western governments not to become “accomplices in the sin of murder” by failing to support it.

In Eastern Ukraine, Church Has ‘Returned to Catacombs’
Catholic News Service (18 December 2014)
WARSAW, Poland (CNS) — Ukrainian Catholic leaders have warned their church is being driven underground again, a quarter-century after it was re-legalized with the end of communist rule.

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Resurrection in Ukraine
Antin Sloboda reports on promising news from Ukraine

A Priest in Ukraine:
Hearing Confessions of Those About to Die

Catholic priests and sisters have shown extraordinary courage throughout the ongoingcrisis in Ukraine.

A Vatican Decree on the Eastern Churches, 50 Years Later
Recently, CNEWA Canada's Antin Sloboda and I attended a conference at the Unviersity of Toronto which examined one of the documents of Vatican II.

Known for Simplicity, Humor, Holiness,
Ukrainian Cardinal Dies at 84

Ukrainian Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, known for his ‘velvety baritone’ when chanting the Divine Liturgy or making one of his regular appearances on television or radio programs, died May 31 near Kiev at the age of 84.

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Keeping tradition in Centralia

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Eastern Catholic bishops arrive for Synod

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A Warm Welcome with Bread, Salt, Flowers — and Snow

A new archbishop visits Philadelphia

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Borys Gudziak takes over on 4 June

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A new Ukrainian leader in the United States

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Seeking Ukrainian Catholic Vocations in the United States

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