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A Life Under Occupation
(From ONE magazine September 2007)
One Palestinian Christian reflects on a life shadowed by discord
an interview with CNEWA’s Maher Turjman

Growing up Under Occupation
by Mel Lehman
(From ONE magazine January 2006)
Learning to be a child in a war zone

by Michael Lerner
(From ONE magazine January 2006)
Anti-Semitism and Criticizing Israel

Rising From the Ashes
text by Ben Cramer
photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From CNEWA WORLD September – October 2003)
Job creation program is helping to ease unemployment crisis for Palestinians

Answer to Prayer, Call to Suffering
by Louise Perrotta
(From CNEWA WORLD September – October 2002)
Priest brings relief to Palestinian refugees despite Israeli military curfews.

Living in Limbo
by Diane Handal
(From ONE magazine November 2010)
In spite of hardship and humiliation, Palestine’s refugees hold on

Olive Offerings
by Hanne Foighel with photographs by Ahikam Seri
(From ONE magazine January 2009)
How the olive sustains Palestinian society

Through the Looking Glass
by Msgr. Archimandrite Robert L. Stern
(From CNEWA WORLD September – October 2002)
A mirror image of violence and injustice.

Caught in the Middle
by Father Charles Miller, S.M.
(From CNEWA WORLD May – June 2001)
The Matar family of Beit Jala experiences firsthand the horrors of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Pontifical Mission at 50: Reflections of the Nesnas Family
by Michael J.L. La Civita
(From Catholic Near East May – June 1999)
A profile of a family intimately linked to the Pontifical Mission.

Our Lady of Guadalupe – Of Bir Zeit?
text and photographs by George Martin
(From Catholic Near East September – October 1996)
A profile of a vibrant Palestinian parish dedicated to Mexico’s patroness.

The Jahalin Bedouin: A Question of Justice
text by Lynda Brayer
photographs by George Martin
(From Catholic Near East November – December 1996)
Residents of the deserts of Palestine for thousands of years, the Jahalin Bedouin fight to preserve their ancient way of life.

The Innocents of Bethlehem
by George Martin
(From Catholic Near East March 1993)
At the Creche in Bethlehem, the Daughters of Charity dole out huge helpings of love to abandoned children.

Legal Protection for Palestinians
by Lynda Brayer
photos by Karen Lagerquist
(From Catholic Near East May 1993)
A firsthand account of an Israeli lawyer’s fight for the rights of the Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied territories.

Render to Caesar
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern
(From Catholic Near East July 1993)
Msgr. Robert Stern discusses the delicate balance between church and state.

The Palestinians of Jebel Ashrafiya
by Joyce M. Davis
(From Catholic Near East April 1992)
Almost a half-century after their displacement, Palestine’s refugees continue their struggle to survive.

Bethlehem University Three Years Later
by Brother Patrick White, F.S.C.
photos: CNEWA files
(From Catholic Near East January 1991)
War-weary students get a second chance at learning as Bethlehem University reopens.

The Star in the East
compiled by Catholic Near East staff
(From Catholic Near East April 1990)
Hard-hit by the intifada, the town of Beit Sahour adds a new angle to the Palestinians’ struggle.

Facing Facts in the Middle East
text and photos by Joseph Cornelius Donnelly
(From Catholic Near East October 1989)
A trip to the Middle East, to listen.

Seeking a Life of Dignity
by Gerald Ring
(From Catholic Near East Summer 1988)
Speak with a student of Bethlehem University and you meet a person with purpose and hope living in a land of conflict and despair.

“There Must Be Justice for Both Sides”
by Hugh Schofield
(From Catholic Near East Fall 1988)
The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, a native Palestinian, reflects on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Church’s view on ending it.

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Building the Good Life on the Hills of the West Bank
Catholic News Service (31 May 2013)
RAWABI, West Bank (CNS) — About 20 minutes from the Palestinian economic hub of Ramallah, the new city of Rawabi is sprouting on a rocky hillside.

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Picture of the Day: Children of the Occupation
Palestinian children look out from the window of their home in Dheisheh refugee camp. (photo: Steve Sabella)